10/13 | me + dries

I loved the colors and the slightly oversized fit of this shirt on my petite frame. It isn`t the typical collar or button-up shirt. The placement of the collar is so cool & unique, leaving the neckline open for an oversized choker or bold, layered necklaces. It gave me a chill, artsy vibe, so I did not hesitate to press that 'checkout' button as I am a chill, artsy kind of girl.

I managed to find this top on beacon`s closet at around 3 a.m., a time when i should`ve been sleeping. I love pieces that I can wear multiple ways and this is definitely a versatile piece. I always say that if I can`t wear a piece more than once, it isn`t worth my money. Being a repeat offender with my clothing, I don`t like feeling limited to one look. It has to be able to transform, or else, what`s the point of having it?

For today`s look, I wanted simplicity. I didn`t really feel too well, so I wanted something comfortable & easy to throw on. I chose to wear my "twisted seam" denim, which are purposely twisted at the seam. Super dope, right? These jeans retail at $345, yet I managed to grab them for $69. The quality and construction of these jeans are so amazing.

Shirt Dries Van Noten Jeans 6397 Boots Alexander Wang
- the broke girl