11/4 | light layers

The weather in New Jersey has more mood swings than I do.. super temperamental. Being that the last two days were slightly chilly, I assumed today would be no different. I have been bundling up, but I cannot complain because I was patiently awaiting the arrival of layer weather. However, I was extremely surprised once I actually stepped foot outside. The freezing, cool weather that I had experienced just yesterday was already gone and it was a breezy 70 degrees! I was annoyed and disappointed, but I still wore one of my favorite coats. Hmph.

I`m a big fan of wearing dresses as shirts, so I decided to layer my black tuxedo dress over my white button up. You know, keeping it minimal & clean. I`m also in love with these high top sneakers, which I was able to buy on sale. They are very reminiscent of the Rick Owens sneaker, which is what really captured my attention. Then, I noticed the price difference and that really reeled me in. Lol. I think they were $99, with a retail price of maybe $200 or so.

Top & Denim Zara Dress Sandro Coat Maje Sneakers Atelje 71
- the broke girl