I Got The Blues

I have been so tired lately, so I`ve been taking every chance I can to relax. I will be so overjoyed and relieved once my graduate program is complete! I feel like it`s been exhausting my energy, but I know it will pay off in the end. I have been doing market analyses on some of my favorite brands, and it is so interesting. So, despite being slightly overwhelmed, I am still so happy that I decided to enroll in this program.

In between homework and work, I`ve been attempting to find little things to occupy my time. Today, my sisters and I decided to do lunch in a little deli a few minutes from my house. Let me tell you.... the food is so bomb. It`s our *thing* now, and it`s these type of things that give me joy. Cheesy, I know, but life has been hectic and I`m just happy I`ve been able to find little things to make me smile.

For this little trip, I decided to give this striped denim jumper another try. I purchased this maybe a year or two ago, and this is only my second time wearing it. Sad, I know. Lol. I paired it with a simple oversized tee and my trainers. It was the perfect simple yet cozy look for the mood I was in.

My accessory, that I have been obsessed with and should probably provide more details about, is my favorite backpack ever in life. Wow, I don`t even want to let you guys know how much I paid for it, but just know I probably should not have bought it. Lmao. I will give a better description of it next post, promise!

Denim Jumper Zara Tee T by Alexander Wang Backpack Burberry Sneakers Whistles
- the broke girl

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