in those jeans

Like almost everyday, I kept it casual. I wore this bomb pair of 7's and they fit like a glove. My legs look so thick in them, lawd. The jeans are very soft and they curve with your body. They have a raw hem, but I flipped the cuff so that it would sit above my heels` straps. If you are looking for a great pair of denim, I`m telling you... these are it. These in particular are from Bloomingdale`s and you can find them here. You`re welcome. Lol.

My sister gave me this crop top because she said my small boobs should fit the shirt perfectly, and that her boobs were "too big" for it. A little offensive, yeah... but I have a new, free shirt so no complaints! Over my crop, I donned this beautiful longline vest that I thrifted from Beacon`s Closet for $24.99... which is pretty much $25, but kinda not. Anyway, it`s a vintage Calvin Klein piece and I love it so much. The way it lays, it`s simple design... it makes me feel like a powerful woman. Lol.

Sidenote: Yes, I look very angry in these photos but I promise, I am not upset. It was hot, my hair was becoming super frizzy and I just suck at actually posing for photos. Lol. Oh, and I`m also bra-less. Holla.

Denim 7 for all Mankind Shoes 3.1 Phillip Lim Top Forever 21 Vest Calvin Klein
- the broke girl

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