i`m just a masterpiece trying to master peace

how could anyone not fall in love with this exclusive basquiat piece? there was no way i was passing on this dress. what made the purchase even sweeter was that i bought it on sale. i don`t even remember what the retail or sale price was, but it clearly had to be nice enough for me to have purchased it. lol. i wore this cute little number to my mom`s birthday party because it was simple and easy to throw on. i paired the dress with my favorite black strappy sandals and black "all dressed up" clutch. i accessorized with gold hoop earrings and my double banded choker.

i`m just at a point in life where i truly need to focus on myself, self-happiness and more selfself & self. i have been a little exhausted with grad school and just life in general. i`ve also been slightly annoyed about finally pushing my art out there (due to the pressure of outsiders) and seeing less than satisfactory results. not just due to the lack of support (despite so many people "loving" my art), but because the manufacturing fees for my art really hurt my profits & doesn`t provide me with access to my customers. it sucks that i haven`t mastered a better way to provide my artwork to people (who actually really support me) without having to pay a third party for distribution.


getting dressed, feeling pretty and seeing my mom happy really lifted my spirit. i was excited to celebrate another year of life with my mama + family. it was a really great turn out, thank the lord.

Dress Alice + Olivia Shoes Call It Spring Clutch + Accessories Forever 21
- the broke girl

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