8/7 | own it

i knew i was getting this skirt as soon as i laid my eyes on it. i loved that it was adjustable due to the button up detailing, so it could be worn fully buttoned or not. the hardware also caught my attention, as it was very reminiscent of Margiela's signature four stitch label. it`s such an easy piece to style, and i can dress it up or down when necessary. it retailed at $239 but i got it for under $100. winning.

because it was a blazing 97 degrees today, i had to figure out what the hell i was going to wear with this skirt. i miss wearing my oversized sweaters and leather jackets, but eh, i am not beat for sweat and overheating. so, i had to cut one of my favorite short sleeve tees into a boxy crop... and it worked. i love that it says "Own It" because that`s how i make it through everyday... i own it, as difficult as it may be sometimes.

i cut my hair in my bathroom a few weeks ago and wow... i still can`t believe i did it. but i`m owning it. whatever it is that you want to do in life, own that shit. speak it into existence. don`t think about it, do it. stop telling yourself "no". it`s so easy to say that to someone, but trust me, you just have to do it. i`ve definitely been that person who was always afraid to just do it. i held myself back from so many opportunities. hell, even with my blog. i kept making excuses for why i couldn`t do shit. then one day, i was like fuck it because if i don`t do it for myself, who is going to do it for me? i saw so many people doing the things that i wanted to do, and here i was, not doing anything but second guessing myself.

do yourself the biggest favor you could ever do... own it.


do something you want. don`t do something just because someone else is doing it & you want their success. do shit because you truly want to do it because you will never get anything out of trying to live someone else`s life.

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- the broke girl