power suit

I said that I would have better pictures of the things that I purchased at June Ambrose`s closet cleanse... so here it is. I wore them all for my visit to the Met. However, I was extremely disappointed with the weather because it was suuuuper ugly and rainy.

This suit fits so perfectly. I`m actually still amazed that I found it and it was my size. Like, this was clearly fate. I always wanted a bomb suit, and I`m just so happy that my first suit is navy (which I have always thought was such a powerful color, after black of course) and has beautiful Italian craftsmanship. How could I even ask for more? Now I see why women always feel invincible while wearing a suit.

Because of the rain, I threw on my Airmax 90`s, but the suit would look great with pumps, a boot or a heeled sandal.

The bag was an added touch to bring the look together. I love this vibrant color. Because my wardrobe is not as colorful, this is a great addition to make my toned down looks pop.

Suit Dolce & Gabbana Tee June Ambrose Bag Balenciaga
- the broke girl

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