2.11 | i water my own flowers

this dress (or shirt, however you see it) really called out to me, with its vibrant colors, texture and structured look. i think i paid $49 for it, so it was well worth the money. i initially styled it with a pair of bottoms, but for some odd reason, it was pretty warm outside. so, the bottoms had to go.

i`m not huge on accessories (if you haven`t noticed yet), so i wanted to keep this look really simple since the top was such a statement on its own. i packed this neon bag with nothing but credit cards and my journal; also, a personal bottle of ciroc (i can explain). i wore my favorite strappy sandals... yep, i sure did wear them yet again. like i said, i`m seriously getting my money`s worth for once! lol.

now to explain the bottle of ciroc... i celebrated my sister`s birthday at a karaoke, paint & sip, so that`s what i decided to "sip" on. lol. it was so fun and i`m happy that everyone enjoyed themselves.

sidenote: i should probably stop just painting over my old white nail polish and go get a real pedicure, but... i`m cool with throwing a filter over them and calling it a day! #KanyeShrug

Dress Zara Heels Call It Spring Bag Balenciaga
- the broke girl