10/25/17 - it`s warm in october

okay, i`m slightly concerned at how beautiful and warm it`s been outside lately. however, i won`t complain. i figured i`d get the wear out of some things i purchased that i didn`t really get a chance to wear, starting with these oversized culottes.

i absolutely adore these olive culottes. i spotted them from outside the store and convinced myself that i had to try them on. once i was in that fitting room, i was sold. the district manager happened to be in-store that day and gave me an employee discount, so i think these cost me like $84?

today, i wore a nautical striped short sleeve top under a cropped belted denim jacket with frayed hem that`s reminiscent of a leather jacket. first of all, a cropped belted denim?! like, how could i even resist? it was also 50% off, so ya`ll know i already had my card out ready to swipe! it`s such a cute twist on the typical denim jacket, and everyone is doing the oversized denim look right now, so...

today i took a few photos of my artwork to place on my online art gallery/shop. it will be launched very soon, so stay tuned!

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- the broke girl