broke + spotted

i am extremely excited about finally producing my tee + sweatshirt. i`d been talking about doing this for a while & i finally followed through. this was really hard because i`m such a perfectionist and i`m always waiting for perfect timing. however, i had to force myself to just do it and learn from my mistakes, if any occur.

my tee/sweatshirt features an illustration of an american express credit card being declined. i`ve been there before, having had my card declined with a line full of people behind me. i`ll never forget that day. i swore i had money because i had just checked my account and i wanted a pair of oxfords from target sooooo bad [sidenote: i still check my account before making any purchases, just to be on the safe side]. when i got to the register, my $16 purchase was not approved. i couldn`t believe that i didn`t have $16. after calling my bank, i learned the evils brought forth by pending transactions. i`ve learned my lesson about pending transactions since then and won`t shop until i see that they`ve cleared. these experiences actually taught me alot about managing my finances, budgeting and becoming a better saver. this is why being the broke girl isn`t negative for me because it`s a learning experience that i am so grateful for.

i`m also grateful for this chilly weather because now i can get some layering in. today, i styled my sweatshirt with this amazing velvet blazer and red cashmere turtleneck. The blazer had silk red lining, which coordinated with the look so well.. if i do say so myself. i was able to purchase this blazer while it was an additional 40% off of the reduced price, and i really couldn`t resist. i loved the color, the fit, the feel... it was just perfect.

for my bottoms, i wore a pair of camo pants that i found in the boys` department for like $13, i think. emily b was actually the reason i went looking for them there and i`m happy that i took her advice. i actually grew out of them, but they still have a nice fit to them. i tucked the pants into a pair of boots that i totally could not afford, but somehow managed to get. i blogged about these boots months ago when they first hit the stores and was instantly in love. however, that price tag was just too much to bear. i told myself that when i got the chance to buy them at a decent price, i was going in for the kill... and i did. they retailed at $695, but i was able to get them for around $315 with my discount. it was well worth the wait.

you can find my sweatshirt here and more information about my booties here!

Sweatshirt Me Blazer Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Pants Target Boots Alexander Wang
- the broke girl

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