comparison is the thief of joy - t. roosevelt

ˈˌself əˈwernəs/
conscious knowledge of one's own character, feelings, motives, and desires.

it is so important to have self-awareness, to know yourself, to understand yourself so deeply that there is very little room for self-doubt. listen... self-doubt is the devil. social media really opened the door for comparison, leading people to develop negative feelings about their appearance, accomplishments, etc. having everyone else`s lives thrown in your face will definitely make you feel some type of way, especially seeing others live the life you want, wear the clothes you can`t afford... trust me, i know it`s hard but that`s why self-awareness is important. with self-awareness, you are able to understand that, yes their life may be amazing, but so is yours. you understand that everything you want, you will get.

to get started...

you also need to deprogram. temporarily (because i know we can`t stay away for too long) deactivate your social media accounts. increase your productivity by engaging in activities that you enjoy. build your skills.

self-reflect after your day and take notes of your progression towards your goals. write down your accomplishments, things you`re proud of. if there are things that you don`t like about yourself, ask yourself why. compare yourself to yourself.

work on self-growth. you`ll be much happier.

- the broke girl

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