crazy for chanel

as usual, i was out and about doing things i wasn`t supposed to be doing... like browsing the shoe department of 59th street. i was on my lunch break, so i figured that it couldn`t hurt to look. in the end, it did hurt because i stumbled upon these beauties!

the associates did not greet me or ask me if i needed assistance, so i took it upon myself to capture them in a photo and visit another store to see if they were available. after i took my photo, a lady finally came over and asked me if i needed to see a size. i told her, "yes, a size 37 please." she replies, "is that your size in Chanel?" this question bothered me because why would i ask for the size, if i didn`t know? anyway, i didn`t make much of a big deal about it. i simply told her, "yes". so she scans the shoe and it`s not available anywhere in my size. i should`ve known though because my size is so damn popular.

i asked the associates at the chanel store in 59th street and they had no idea what i was talking about. shame. so days later, i`m in short hills minding my business when i decided to try my luck at the chanel store... again. unfortunately for me, they weren`t sold anymore due to being from the previous season. that`s really wack, but i hope to find them online somewhere because i need them.

- the broke girl

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