4/14 | $5 thrift finds >

i love thrifting because you really never know what gems are just waiting to be found. i started thrifting back during my freshman year of college and, at that time, there was like a wave of young people thrifting heavy in my area. i used to get so jealous when i heard about some bomb piece that someone thrifted for like $5 or $10 lol, but i`ve been able to get my hands on a lot of interesting designer and non-designer pieces from thrifting.

i took my sister thrifting and, though i was supposed to be helping her find some cool windbreakers, my eyes couldn`t help but wander. the print on this shirt jumped out at me while i was browsing the racks at the thrift store. after noticing that it was priced at $4.99, my day became even greater.

while in the fitting room, i also mistakenly put the shirt on backwards and fell in love. the shirt is a button-up with a mandarin collar and some sort of handkerchief detail in the back. however, it looked so much better backwards... which is how i styled it today.  i paired the top with my navy quilted mini (which is also backwards to show the zipper detail) to add some texture to the look and make the print pop.

top thrifted skirt sonia by sonia rykiel handbag balenciaga heels call it spring
- the broke girl