what makes you happy?

i`ve been on a journey of self-discovery, on a search for my purpose. as a creative who is passionate about art + fashion, i find it necessary to truly love what i do for a living. if i`m going to be stressed out, i want to be stressed out about something i love. if i`m going to dedicate hours of my time to work, i want it to be a job that i enjoy. i can never just take a job because the money is right. call me crazy, but... *insert kanye shrug emoji*

everyday, i thank my parents for instilling the importance of chasing my dreams instead of stifling them and telling me i have to find a "real" job or a position outside of the fashion industry. my parents knew that i would do anything to be surrounded by clothing, or anything for a discount... lmao. this time around, i am the mastermind behind providing the fashion and discounts.

i`ve dedicated a great deal of my time focus on my brand and honestly, it`s hard. very hard and costly. mind you, i am broke, but i knew that if i did not try to really pursue this before telling myself that it wouldn`t work, it would kill me. i`m really loving it, though. i`m so proud of myself for not giving up on me. i`m doing this for me. listen... if you are passionate about something, go for it! please. i urge you to at least give yourself the opportunity to see what happens. honestly. i never thought that i could do it, but you just have to want it as much as you say you do.
- - -

now let`s get into something else that makes me happy... i finally wore this ruffled top that i purchased like a year ago. i absolutely loved the ruffles, the corset and its sexy, but avant-garde appeal.  i bought it for a really good price at bloomingdale`s... maybe around $30? i paired the top with my boyfriend jeans (find them here) with pleated detail in the front. now these were a little pricy, costing me $220. however, they offer that tomboy chic feel that i like and they`re black, so i was sold.

i completed the look with my bi-color moto jacket that has this cool zipper detail in the back. i was so excited about this jacket. while looking through racks, i stumbled upon this leather jacket and instantly fell in love. i needed a different size, but it was the only one in the store due to being a return. my girl hooked me up and found the jacket at another Maje store and it was further reduced. i accessorized with a pair of sunnies, my usual gold hoops and my favorite neon snakeskin clutch.

top do + be jeans oak heels call it spring moto maje
- the broke girl

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