word of the month: accountability

my graduation date is near and, though i can`t afford the alaia heels that i really wanted for my ceremony, i`m thankful that i just made it this far without more than $33,000 in tuition fees. this broke girl will be less high maintenance, because i have some super goals to achieve. no more big purchases and no more designer labels for a while. i`m going to stick with the rivers and lakes that i`m used to... meaning that i`m going to wear the shit that i already have and not add to my debt. i`ve been successful at paying two of my four credit cards down. the last two are challenging, but i know i can do this.

i will be purchasing a new vision board (i said i was doing this two weeks ago, but life) and writing down my real goals for the next five years. i can admit that i used and abused my credit cards, thinking that i would be able to pay them back. i made less payments and made more purchases. lmao, it happens. now, i`m just working towards getting myself back on track so that i no longer cringe and tear my bills up without even checking my statements. the month of may will begin with accountability as i continue on this journey of financial freedom and stability.

accountability is super important because many times, we fail to realize that we are often the cause of our own problems. that realization will help with understanding how negative your actions are and undo-ing all of the things that brought you to your current point. accountability assists in recognizing your weaknesses and strengths, so you can learn how to become the best you and not succumb to making the same ol` mistakes.

since i will not be making any new purchases, let`s talk about this old purchase i made a while ago. i saw this black jacket and i fell in love with the structure and the fact that the closure is magnetic. little details like that make me happy. it also made me feel better that it was only $35. i paired this jacket with a simple cap sleeve ribbed knit top and slim fit jeans. i wore my all black sneakers to keep the look simple. i accessorized with a printed head scarf that i stole from my aunt, a pair of ombré sunnies that i thrifted and my pouch. i don`t really know why i bought the liz tote because i never wear it; it`s way too big for me, so maybe i`ll paint on it and make it my art bag? hmm.

Jacket Cos Jeans Guess Top Maje Sunglasses Gucci Sneakers Chanel
- the broke girl

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