the day has come

may 24, 2018.

i could not have been any more excited (and relieved) for my commencement ceremony at carnegie hall. this has been something i wanted to accomplish for such a long time; something i often told myself that i could not do, simply because it was extremely costly and i wasn`t sure if i wanted to add anymore debt to my life. i also was very uncertain about graduate school because job hunting was already stressing me out and i had a bachelor's degree. i couldn`t imagine how frustrating it was going to be, searching for a job with a master`s degree and being shut down.... while still having to cover the costs of tuition. however, i told myself that this is what i wanted and that i needed to do this for me. job or no job, this is a huge accomplishment.

months way before my ceremony, i was browsing the internet (my favorite thing to do) and i somehow made it to beacon`s closet. i don`t know why i just can`t stay away from that place, lol. i was not searching for anything in particular, but this skirt captured my attention. for a graduation at a fashion college, it just felt perfect. it had a romantic, princess feel and i needed that for my big day. when i received it, it was more dramatic than i thought. the pictures did the skirt no justice. it swallowed me, lol, but that was just the right amount of extra that i needed. the best part: it was $35.

to tone the look down (just a little, not too much), i paired the skirt with my "broke" slogan tee (find it here) and my red "Aminata" heels that i purchased at such a bargain price: $145! these heels retailed at $625 when they debuted in 2013 and trust me, they were worth the wait. my account was still upset, but it was definitely a justified purchase!

my cap was painted by me, of course. it`s me in a full vintage chanel ensemble, inspired by a photo i saw on instagram.

skirt timo weiland tee broke but high maintenance heels alexander wang
- the broke girl

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