7/14 | treat yo`self

milk & cream cereal bar.

no frauds: i didn`t get to taste anything here as of yet because Dina & I had just eaten some amaaaazing Italian food, full of lots of cheese. we literally got in line, decided on what we wanted and looked at one another like "are we doing this?" lol. we did make a date to reschedule because i definitely need to try a few things on that menu. the best thing was the neon lights on the wall: "treat yo`self" because well, why not?

i wanted to be super casual today, so i`ve just been rocking some broke girl merch and my birkennots that i bought for $24 from target. i was going to get birkenstocks, but why... i mean, these are just as comfy. lol. plus i saved myself $110, which was definitely needed.

[ the broke dad hat can be purchased here and the broke slogan tee can be found here. ]

on another note....

lately, i`ve been really indecisive about pretty much everything in life. i`m trying to do so many things at once and it`s been really overwhelming trying to balance it all. too often i beat myself up about things and make myself feel like i haven`t accomplished much... when i have. i mean, i started a business; i`ve been productive with my art; i received my master`s and started a new job. i need to learn how to celebrate myself for the things that i have accomplished. it`s just extremely difficult when i have a shitload of other things that i planned on doing. 

however... today, i will pat myself on the back for what i`ve been able to do thus far. 

- the broke girl