7/30 | who the hell wants to be broke?


but people are broke. i am broke & yes i know, we don`t want to speak that into our lives. that`s not why i created this blog. i am accepting of what i am right now, in this moment. i also acknowledge how far i`ve come to break free from this struggle: learning how to budget, managing my credit, paying off debt, completing college and graduate school to attempt to secure a career (that hasn`t yet happened), but continuing to push forward, and being my authentic self unapologetically every single day. so yes, although i am broke, i still work towards financial freedom ev-er-y-day. i still work on bettering myself everyday. social media loves to clown people who are broke, but what were these people before they secured the bag? probably broke. we all start from somewhere and it`s not fair to criticize and look down upon people for their starting point.

...and yes, this broke girl still loves to shop because that`s what makes me happy. that`s how i`ve always been. i love clothes and shoes, but i know that comes with a cost. so i have developed smarter (sometimes) shopping habits because this broke girl still has bills to pay.

today, i ran my errands in my "broke girl, expensive taste" tee (found here) and my faux leather shorts that i purchased on sale from forever 21 some time ago. i wore my newest addition to my closet: rick owens drkshdw canvas sneakers. They do require some breaking in but they’re comfy, for the most part.

top bbhm shorts forever 21 sneakers rick owens bag balenciaga
- the broke girl