8/4 | flirty florals

hello august.

only four days in + august has been so good to me. next week, i will be officially starting my new position and i`m really excited for what the future holds. i had to really sit and think about why certain situations that i was in did not have the outcome that i expected. i then realized it`s because i never give myself the time to actually settle in and enjoy the journey before i decide that i`m over it. that`s a really bad habit to have, so this time around, i changed my ways and i stuck around. i`m happy that i did because it was definitely worth it.

okay, enough about my career that i thought i wouldn`t have just a few days ago... lol.  let`s talk about this sheer floral silk blouse that i`m wearing. i actually purchased it months ago from beacon`s closet for $35 and just never felt like i had anything to pair with it. however, i woke up today feeling like it was time for it to have a moment. the blouse definitely gave me all types of vintage vibes, so i wanted to portray that... which explains why the fro is out today. lol. i layered the top over a pink leather bra (that you can`t really see), but it`s so cute and i still can`t believe that it`s from j. crew. it was gifted to me, so i`m not sure how it was ever apart of any of their collections. it`s so random.

to play up the sexiness of this sheer blouse, i wore it tucked under as a crop with super fitting jeans and my red python heels. i love cuffing these jeans because it creates such a polished look; it also allowed the heels to get some shine. i accessorized with my favorite pair of sunnies: the gucci`s. the shape of these sunnies really complement the shape of my face and my little wide nose (to me, at least). i also love the style of them because i`m usually dressing pretty basic and these help to elevate my basic-ness when i decide to actually wear them. i prefer not to wear my contacts, so i very rarely wear sunglasses. this is why i have to buy sunnies that are worth my money. lol.

Top Dolce & Gabbana Jeans Guess Heels Alexander Wang Sunglasses Gucci
- the broke girl