9/15 | broke this, broke that

i take every opportunity i get to wear my own brand because why not? it`s funny because people on the street find it cute + humorous. it is, though, and it`s meant to be a conversation starter about real life shit. as someone who is passionate about authenticity and real life struggle, why wouldn`t i want to lead a discussion about something that is very real and that we all may go through?

however, i`ve been inconsistent with marketing my brand. i have a master`s degree in fashion marketing and i have yet to develop a bomb marketing plan because i just feel so... not creative. actually, i know what i want to do, but i just lack the motivation for execution. i also feel like i hate trying to convince someone to believe in what i`m doing. i`m not here to beg for supporters because i honestly did not create this brand for monetary gain. i created it to provide a platform for honest fashion because i`m not a blogger who gets free items or invites to shows/events to promote. i buy everything that i`m pictured wearing because i have a real connection to my clothes! [seriously]. garment construction, detailing, fabrics... i love that type of shit. i`m not out here trying to impress anybody with tacky, ostentatious outfits that are going to be returned the next day. when i attended NYFW, i wasn`t paid to promote anything; i worked for a designer and worked backstage and i`ve always gotten invites to various shows since like 2015.

ok, i just went off on a tangent... back to the matter. broke girl merch.

i`m wearing the broke...but high maintenance tee, which i wear the most. lol. i wore it tucked into my red tartan skirt. i was "scantily clad" in this tartan skirt once upon a time and chose to make it more casual this time around. when i worked at ralph lauren, i was able to get my hands on this simple leather cross body. i plan on painting on it, but who knows when that will happen. anyway. completed the look with none other than my rick owens.

to check out my shop, there is a link on the navigation bar... it says "shop" [lol]. orrrr you can just click here.

top bbhm skirt burberry sneakers rick owens 
- the broke girl