9/8 | broke girl, big city

hello, september. time is just flying by, I swear. However, I am happy with the blessings that time has brought me. i`m still getting acclimated at work and trying not to overwhelm myself with learning everything quickly and all at once.

i honestly dislike feeling like the new girl because i hate asking questions and not knowing the answer. i enjoy being self-sufficient and figuring things out on my own, but for once, i have to ask for help. it takes some getting used to, but i know that in time, I`ll be alright. i like that this new role is forcing me to be uncomfortable because I`m so used to always being in control and being the one that people run to for the answers. This feeling of uncomfort has definitely had me in my feelings, but I am rolling with the punches. i told myself to stop giving up so quickly, so I`m keeping to my word. I want to see where this new path takes me because, in true Jasmine nature, I have absolutely no idea what I really want to do career wise. I just want to be in a creative space that pays well. Lol. You would think that is not much to ask for, but some jobs are only cool and creative when you are on the outside looking in. My role does not really require any true creativity from me, but I am in a space that encourages creativity... from the decor in the office to being surrounded by amazing fabrics + prints all day. I think this will also contribute to my after work artistic projects, too. with that said, I am looking forward to a great end of 2018 and beginning of 2019.

This week, I also set some time aside to shop for some much needed denim. I`m back to feeling like I hate everything in my closet and shopping hasn`t been easy, especially since I`m trying to not overdo it. However, I did find some gems in Madewell this past week (& shout out to my discount, yesss!). For my mini shopping excursion, I wore this origami top that I bought for $30-$40. I love how casual it can be (clearly) or you can definitely dress it up for a glam look. I paired it with my frayed hem denim + my black dad hat (you can find that here). I`ve been wearing these sneakers all week. I love wearing them with everything! I don`t care. I`m definitely getting my money`s worth. Lol. I realize that I was definitely not supposed to make any big purchases (any purchases at all, actually) after my coach + opening ceremony purchase, but....

Top Alpha & Omega Jeans 7FAM Sneakers Rick Owens Hat by me
- the broke girl