11/2 | thank you for the inspiration, zara

wow ya`ll. it`s been a whole month since i`ve posted anything, so it`s about time that i update you on what`s been going on. october really flew, man. i haven`t even processed what`s happened thus far, but i`ll try to provide updates in the next few posts (with hopes that i post). i`m going to touch on what else i`ve learned about myself (thank you self-reflections), what i`ve purchased (mind your business, lol) and some goals that i`ve crossed off my list.

let`s start with what i`ve learned about myself in the past month. you can never do enough self-reflecting, right? outside of acknowledging that i lack discipline, i have also learned that i make the worst excuses for my own toxic behavior. i`ve had to take a step outside of myself and ask: am i toxic? sometimes we are the toxic ones and we need to be accountable for how our behaviors affect us and others. i`ve been really thinking about how i respond to certain things, as well. although people tell you to not hold yourself accountable for how others perceive your messages, it`s important to communicate effectively, be transparent, not be defensive and learn to listen before you respond in order to avoid these misperceptions. it is all about delivery and self-accountability. i speak about accountability very often. lol.

i have also learned to really be patient with myself and allow things to happen organically. being 27 (yep, i said it... 27), i felt forced to be in a place that was "socially acceptable"... career wise, lifestyle wise... yep, even i feel insecure sometimes. i am happy where i am, though, because i have a plan and i know where i`m going. it sounds very cliché, i know, but it`s really true. allow yourself to be in the moment, man. be unabashed by what you view as insecurities. insecurities will come because let`s face it, we all want more... but be patient with yourself, work towards what you want and you will receive it!

something else that really inspired me this month was this $20 graphic tee that i`m wearing in these photos. it reads: "people are the most beautiful when they love what they do. do what you have to do with love & passion". when i read this shirt, it was like a sign from above (*the drama!*). i have been pushing my brand for almost two years and its been tough, ya`ll! honestly. i don`t track who reads this blog (i don`t actually know who reads this, except for me lol). i don`t really promote my work like i probably should (as i`ve stated before). i just feel like i do this for me. it`s not that i don`t wish i had more exposure, more traffic, more business... i just feel like i don`t want to lose my passion for it by trying to force support from people. that`s never been my motive and i don`t want it to become the driving force behind my brand. my brand, my art is an anodyne for my stress, for all the curve balls and lemonades that life gives me. it`s more than just an opportunity to capitalize; it`s a journey, a story that i`m writing + narrating everyday.

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- the broke girl