11/16 | brand consistency

branding is extremely important to growing a business. it`s actually my ultimate favorite part about having a business. creating and narrating a story that people can relate to is vital because you`re creating a community for people who love your brand. they will support you for what you represent and that sense of closeness that they feel to your brand, not just the service or products that you offer.

when i first created my business cards, they were rushed so that i could promote my work for my upcoming art shows. now that i`ve had time to really sit down and brainstorm concepts, i came up with a visual representation that truly tells my story without words. it`s witty and creative. most of all, it`s me. the feedback that i received on these little babies have been super positive, so i am really happy that i set the time aside to give them a fresher look.

also, pictured above is my wallet, which follows my "broke" theme and keeps my brand story consistent. i always carry a part of my brand with me everywhere i go. if i am not wearing my tee or crewneck, i have my phone case and wallet. i wear my dad hat almost everyday. i just think it makes every look perfect. i`m working on making my brand more wearable for others, not just me.

- the broke girl