12/2 | excuse me miss, your pants are ripped

these pants! i should have never went into tokio 7. i was in the elevator at work when i saw this guy with this bomb shirt on. i asked him about it (i`m nosey) and he told me it was a Comme des Garçons piece that he purchased from this consignment shop called tokio 7. my ass just had to google it and discover that it was literally up the street from my job. with that said, ya`ll know what i did...

i know this photo is not the best and i promise to capture them in a better light. i need to show ya`ll the details and the reason why i kept lingering around them when i first saw them. they are so special! i don`t remember if i looked at the price before or after i tried them on, but i initially told myself "self, don`t do it". i really didn`t need them and i shouldn`t have spent the money on them. however... once i was in that fitting room, there was no denying that i was buying. and honestly.... i should not have because ya`ll.... they cost me $272! i know, i know. i`m not going back there for a while because my account is not made for this.


i wore these for my event at powerhouse. because i wanted to showcase my brand and be consistent with my brand`s message, i paired these pants with my broke girl motto top and my red patent leather boots to wear to powerhouse. i don`t know if ya`ll remember but i purchased these red boots for $32 and they are bomb, okay.

pants comme des garçons shirt bbhm boots forever 21
- the broke girl