1/18 | iPad + procreate

this was one investment that was truly worth the money. i had been telling myself to upgrade my iPad mini, but i just could not justify spending the money because i wasn`t sure if i would use it. you know, you tell yourself that you will do things and you end up not doing them. that`s usually me. i talk a big game, but i am the worst at following through with my plans. THE WORST.

however, at the end of 2018, i was following through on everything i said i would do. paid my car off early. raised that credit score some more. exceeded my goal for my savings. i was just blossoming into the follow through queen. i had also began to think about experimenting with digital art. i was in love with procreate and how other users created these beautiful digital pieces; i wanted parts!

i first purchased the apple pencil [open box at best buy] before i made the leap of buying the ipad. you can use your "corporate" discount at the apple store, but not at best buy. it doesn`t make a difference anyway because it`s like 10%, and once the tax is added, it`s just like paying full price. lol. i bought the rose gold one, but i`m going to customize a case for it so the color of it really doesn`t matter i guess.

one of my christmas gifts was procreate, which was actually one of the best inexpensive gifts ever. below are some of my digital experiments. i`m trying to see what art styles i like, trying to find my niche. actually, i don`t think i care to find my niche. i want to do all art styles, whichever makes me happy. lol. i should attempt to do a digital sketch a day, but.... the way my attention span is set up, lol.

- the broke girl