6.19 | tomboy chic

these trousers put a baby dent in my credit card, but it was well worth it to me. plus... you know once  i made it into the fitting room, it was a wrap. they are such a one-of-a-kind pair and i love how special they are. they are purposely destroyed & ripped, which makes me even more fascinated with them. to me, these pants represent that our imperfections do not ruin us; they make us even more beautiful + they add to our personal story. too deep? maybe. #kanyeshrug

i found these trousers in tokio 7, a vintage consignment boutique in new york. i stumbled upon this gem after meeting a guy in the elevator at work. i complimented his shirt and he told me that he`d purchased the shirt at tokio 7. he also gave me a little background info on the shop. before i could even step foot off of the elevator to reach my desk, i`d googled how far the shop was from my job. it was only eight minutes away, which meant that i was going to be heading there on my lunch break.

once i made it to tokio 7, i was in awe of some of the items there. i knew that this only meant trouble for me... and my bank account. i was actually doing pretty good by just browsing with my eyes and not inspecting the fabric or looking too deep into the details. that was, until i saw these trousers hanging on the rack by the fitting room. why were they so strategically placed by the fitting rooms?! i picked them up and continued to browse away from the fitting rooms, but something in me just needed to try them on. my logic was: if they did not fit, then they were not meant for me. unfortunately for my credit card, they fit perfectly. i wrote a mental note to only come back when i can afford to, right before checking out.


i was in the mood to feel comfortable & sexy without appearing gauche. i paired my trousers with this grey tank that i wore backwards, so that the peek-a-boo cutout allowed my itty bitty cleavage to make an appearance. i purchased this tank while i was working for sandro/maje, so i received my associate`s discount in addition to the sale. however, i don`t remember how much it actually cost at the time. i chose to pair the grey top with the plaid because grey is neutral and doesn`t overpower the colors/plaid of the trousers. i completed my look with these black strappy heels.

trousers comme des garçons top sandro shoes helmut lang
- the broke girl