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Meet the Broke Girl

i`m just another twenty-something year old who loves fashion. cliche, i know. my admiration for the fashion industry led me to doing random shit, such as working backstage & attending shows for fashion week, working in product development & luxury retail, and dabbling in fashion illustration. i became the broke girl when i realized that i was, of course broke, but had such expensive taste... i really love nice things, lol.

broke but high maintenance is a perfect description of me, despite the meaning & negativity associated with the word 'broke'. with the rise of people pretending to live such lavish lifestyles on social media, it has become such a terrible thing to be broke. but - i am broke. i don`t have a fat bank account, yet i never let my struggle keep me from thinking highly of myself. i express myself through my personal style, so it is important to highlight the fact that people can still look good without being rich. rich does not equate to happiness, style, etc. i have no problem with being honest about my financial status, and i am constantly working towards being in a better financial state (for sustainable living purposes, ya know). until i reach that point, i will still enjoy nice things and work to acquire the wardrobe i desire. i`m all about finding happiness within the struggle.

this is why i control (i could use a bit more control) my destructive spending habits by mastering the art of mixing high end with affordable pieces, as you will see by reading this blog. it`s important to showcase that everything does not have to be designer in order to look good because that is not what represents style. style is the flow of the look, not the name on the label. I hope that my story resonates with other broke girl$ and that broke but high maintenance becomes a platform for honest fashion. This is not the typical "Get this look that I can`t even afford" blog where the blogger doesn`t really own the clothing they`re modeling. If that`s what you`re into, please make a donation to my Paypal so I can be better. Lol! Kidding (not really). Stay tuned!

- the broke girl

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