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meet the voice behind broke but high maintenance

Meet the Broke Girl

i`m just a broke girl with expensive taste.

broke but high maintenance is a perfect description of memy reality is the biggest motivating factor behind this blog. my blog aims to deliver the importance of unapologetic self-love and authenticity through fashion and art. this platform will be used to document my personal style (where I mix affordable and high end) and I intend to be transparent with how i work towards financial stability and freedom. life will get you down and i just want people to know that you can still find happiness within the struggle. i`m figuring it out and trying to help as many people as i can along the way. yes, I treat myself to nice things, but I am also building my credit, working towards developing my brand and crawling myself out of debt!

with the rise of people pretending to live such lavish lifestyles on social media, it has become such a terrible thing to be broke. but... i am broke. there is no need to fabricate a life that I am not living or hide my truth. I enjoy my life and i never let my struggle keep me from being happy. As long as I am working towards actualizing my goals, my current state of “brokeness” will not deter me from being great.

i hope that my story resonates with other broke girl$ & boy$ and that broke but high maintenance becomes a platform for people to just live their real lives without trying to appeal to others. no matter what, i remain true to myself and i hope to inspire others to do the same. holla.
- the broke girl

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