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meet the voice behind broke but high maintenance

Meet the Broke Girl

i`m just a broke girl with expensive taste.

broke but high maintenance is a perfect description of memy reality is the biggest motivating factor behind this blog. i use this platform to document my impulsive shopping behavior (including items that i want but can`t afford), random life things and share some budgeting/financial advice. i know, it`s odd to take advice from a girl who calls herself ‘broke’, but the rich people clearly aren`t handing out “how to get rich” tips. i`m broke only because i`m not rich. i know how to boost my credit score, how to be financially responsible and how to remain happy with the money that i have while working to acquire wealth. also, with the rise of people pretending to live such lavish lifestyles on social media, it has become such a terrible thing to be broke. but... i am broke. still, i never let my struggle keep me from being happy. i`m broke, authentic and happy, ya`ll.

i hope that my story resonates with other broke girl$ & boy$ and that broke but high maintenance becomes a platform for people to  just live their real lives without trying to appeal to others. no matter what, i remain true to myself and i hope to inspire others to do the same. holla.
- the broke girl

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