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meet the voice behind broke but high maintenance

Meet the Broke Girl

i`m just a broke girl with expensive taste.

broke but high maintenance is a perfect description of memy reality is the biggest motivating factor behind this blog. my blog aims to deliver the importance of unapologetic self-love and authenticity through fashion and art. this platform will be used to document my personal style - where I mix affordable and high end) and my progression towards financial stability and freedom, in between looking my best. life will get you down and i just want people to know that you can still find happiness within the struggle. i`m figuring it out and trying to help as many people as i can along the way. with the rise of people pretending to live such lavish lifestyles on social media, it has become such a terrible thing to be broke. but... i am broke. there is no need to fabricate a life that is not my own or hide my truth. as long as i am working towards actualizing my goals, my current state of “brokeness” will not deter me from being great.

i hope that my story resonates with other broke girl$ & boy$ and that broke but high maintenance becomes a platform for people to just live their lives, both authentically and unapologetically, without trying to appeal to others.

quick facts
— i was born and raised in new jersey
— i have been drawing since i was eight years old, thanks to my dad for passing down his artistic abilities
— i have two younger sisters and people often confuse us, although we are years apart
— i received my bachelor`s degree in communications & digital media from rutgers university and my master`s degree in fashion marketing from lim college... received both degrees with honors
— i am a firm believer in following your dreams... don`t let it be cliché. make it your reality.

with love,
the broke girl

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