broke girl art

here you will find a collection of my work along with a brief description and details about the inspiration behind the artwork. if you are interested in purchasing a piece of art, click the "shop" link in my navigation bar. for custom work, please contact me via e-mail:

the story behind the "no faces"

my broke girls have no faces because i want every brown + black girl to view themselves as the muse. when i first started painting, i was my own muse. being a brown girl with natural hair, i wanted to showcase my beauty + my being to the world through my own lens. once i realized how much of an influence my art had on other brown + black beauties, i wanted to spearhead a movement celebrating the beauty of all brown skinned, natural haired women. i then felt compelled to be more inclusive by celebrating various hairstyles, body types and skin tones. there comes a time where we realize that it is okay to celebrate ourselves, but we also have a responsibility to make sure we are all celebrated.

the story behind the "flowers"

when you think of the growth of a flower, it`s something magical and that`s how i view my growth as a person. when we take care of ourselves + nurture ourselves, we aren't defeated by the hardships that we face; we still blossom into the beautiful flower that we were meant to be. that`s what i want to represent.

- the broke girl