2.16 | be present

january was such a weird month. it feels like it lasted forever, but also seems short now that its come to an end. i have learned one huge lesson this month: be present. i always preach about being intentional with your actions, working to figure out your purpose and yadda yadda, but i never thought about what it means to be present. to truly live in the moment. soak it all in. thoroughly enjoy it.

1.20 | Reebok by Pyer Moss: Experiment 4

a few months ago, i was a lucky recipient of the experiment 4`s, from the 3rd collection by Reebok x Pyer Moss. i remember leaving work, rushing to get on the site because i was already late, only to discover that my size was already sold out on the brand`s site. it was literally only fifteen minutes after the drop went public on the site! disappointed was an understatement. i wanted these so bad.

1.12 | prioritize yourself

been a minute, been a while! i have been prioritizing myself lately. giving myself time to just be. i`m constantly working on getting my shit together + staying away from distractions. not that my blog is a distraction, but i just haven`t been able to dedicate my time to creating the content that i want. i`ve been working on my new budget plans, too, ya know? getting my financials right so i can get back to shopping + styling + doing the things that i love. before 2020 ended, there were a few things i needed to get done and... i did it! nothing too major, but definitely necessary.