5.26 | Langin` Around

so summer is approaching and trips are in order! i have been buying things for my trip in june and completely forgot that i don`t own any luggage. how crazy is that? i`ve purchased so many things that i didn`t even remember that i bought them. i know, that`s sad, but hey... lol. that`s also what happened with one of the tops that i`m wearing, but i`ll get to that shortly. i have been meaning to film another mini haul with some of the cute things i`ve purchased, but your girl just been so busy! after work, i try to do a little bit of stuff for my brand but that typically includes drawing, figuring out next move for merch... you know, things like that. filming just takes up so much time because then i have to edit, watch clips a bajillion times and then change my mind about the topic of the video altogether (don`t judge me). i`m going to really set some time aside and film that video, though. one day!

5.12 | Balenciaga Mama

today was a good day. i got to play photographer with my friend jasmine, who is always the perfect muse. i`ve been trying to level up with my photography, with hopes to be able to shoot my own looks sometimes and creative direct bomb shoots with my frandzzz. i think i have a pretty good eye for shots, but of course there is always more to learn and always room for improvement.

5.5 | gucci bamboo

I had been looking for these gucci bamboo heels for a quick minute. i really wanted the ones tom ford designed while he was there, but my size was sold out everywhere, of course. that`s what happens when you`re tardy to the party. BUT as you all know, i did not give up and guess what? i found ones that i loved, although they came with a hefty price tag of $495 *face palm*. at first, i was telling myself "don`t do it girl", but the other part of me was like... "i did it".