4.11 | Cheers to me!


Yes, cheers to me !! This is a celebratory post because I`m so excited for this year and what`s to come for me. The past year brought me lots of success + good energy that I am super grateful for. I`ve grown so much and I can really see the transformation in myself (& my finances!). I`m still showing up for myself so much. more than ever, and even when I fall, I take accountability while still being gentle to myself.

1.31 | welcome 2022!

Happy New Year! Wow, 2022. I didn`t know what to expect at the end of 2021, but considering how I started 2021, I am extremely impressed with myself. I have overcome so many difficulties since this pandemic attempted to take over our lives last year, but I definitely think I came out stronger and more focused than ever.

11.28 | thankful

what are you thankful for?—that`s what we typically ask ourselves for the thanksgiving holiday, but it`s something i tend to reflect on every day. this year has been a lot different for me for various reasons and of course, i am thankful for all of the ups and downs that life has brought me thus far. so much growth has taken place and though i still have ways to go, i`m so happy at where i am in life today.