11.28 | thankful

what are you thankful for?—that`s what we typically ask ourselves for the thanksgiving holiday, but it`s something i tend to reflect on every day. this year has been a lot different for me for various reasons and of course, i am thankful for all of the ups and downs that life has brought me thus far. so much growth has taken place and though i still have ways to go, i`m so happy at where i am in life today.

10.5 | west coast livin'

 i`ve been so behind on this blog. i`m embarrassed. there`s so many things that i want to share and that i will share (eventually, lol.). i can`t really explain why or how, but life has been moving both slow and fast for me. i guess i`ve had a balance of down time and being busy non-stop. well, during my down time, i managed to squeeze in a whole week away from work and the east coast as a whole.

8.27 | what`s goin` on?

wow ya`ll. every post always starts with how inconsistent i am, lol. i won`t even lie... i have not even been thinking about this blog. i have been so busy *insert kim k crying meme*. i always say i`m so busy, too, right? lol. i`m the worsttt. i decided to finally write this post because i am so proud of myself. your girl published a bookbroke girl budget: a broke girl`s guide to financial stability + building credit.