5.5 | gucci bamboo

I had been looking for these gucci bamboo heels for a quick minute. i really wanted the ones tom ford designed while he was there, but my size was sold out everywhere, of course. that`s what happens when you`re tardy to the party. BUT as you all know, i did not give up and guess what? i found ones that i loved, although they came with a hefty price tag of $495 *face palm*. at first, i was telling myself "don`t do it girl", but the other part of me was like... "i did it".

4.28 | thriving thirties

happy birthday to me and happy new year! well... my birthday was march 3, but clearly, i have not updated this blog since december 2020. big yikes. as usual, life been happening really fast and i just haven`t been able to stay focused on producing content. so much has happened, ya`ll. now that i`m in a better space mentally and financially, i`m back & better & ready to share what`s been going on with me. i hope ya`ll ready!

12.18 | ignite your own flame

yes, i know. ya girl has been missing in action for a minute. are you really surprised? lol. with this whole pandemic still going strong, i had to find ways to deal with everything that`s happening in my personal life (outside of my coping mechanisms from my last post). there`s been alot of sad days for me, so i`ve been chasing the sun after the rain.