7.30 | gettin' settled

i have finally settled in my new happy place! if any of you have subscribed to my youtube or follow me on instagram, you would know that i have finally moved. i made the decision at the beginning of this month to save my sanity, peace + energy. i`m in between having fun decorating my place + being slightly annoyed at how much covid has affected the delivery of my major furniture pieces. however, ya girl is super excited for this new journey.

5.26 | steer

(of a person) guide or control the movement of (a vehicle, vessel, or aircraft),
for example by turning a wheel or operating a rudder.

what does steer mean to you?

3.3 | she say she a Pisces...

happy birthday to me, ya`ll! man, this day came faster than expected, but it`s here. all i can say is that i`m so very grateful to have made it to this day + i look forward to what`s to come. ya`ll know i love my self-reflecting + i have to say, today`s self-reflection just made me feel so damn good about myself. i just realized that everything i`ve worked hard for is happening. i have balance, stability + life is all good. of course, we are always working to be better but this ship is sailing so smooth that i have no complaints.