12.18 | ignite your own flame

yes, i know. ya girl has been missing in action for a minute. are you really surprised? lol. with this whole pandemic still going strong, i had to find ways to deal with everything that`s happening in my personal life (outside of my coping mechanisms from my last post). there`s been alot of sad days for me, so i`ve been chasing the sun after the rain.

11.2 | coping during covid

it`s been almost eight months that we`ve been dealing with covid-19 and its madness. i know we`re all sick & tired of the havoc it has been wreaking on our lives. a lot has been going on and there seems to be no end or solve to this madness. during my time working from home, i`ve been trying to do small things that bring a little joy and comfort to my world while also keeping safe. i have been struggling mentally, so these really help me to climb out of this funk.

9.28 | be patient with yourself

everyday is a a good day to be patient with yourself. i feel like i rush myself all the time to get things done because i don`t want to waste time but... sometimes, things just take time. when you rush, you miss things. you experience burn out faster. you can easily slip into a depressive state and exhaust your body/brain. it`s just so much better to take it easy, i promise.