9.28 | be patient with yourself

everyday is a a good day to be patient with yourself. i feel like i rush myself all the time to get things done because i don`t want to waste time but... sometimes, things just take time. when you rush, you miss things. you experience burn out faster. you can easily slip into a depressive state and exhaust your body/brain. it`s just so much better to take it easy, i promise.

9.21 | do you, stay true

blogging nowadays seems to be a dying art, but i find so much peace in writing and viewing the aesthetics of a written blog. i`ve been blogging on this platform since my sophomore year of college before it blew up, became greatly monetized + slowly started fading in the background because of social media. you`d think i would have been a huge influencer by now for how long i`ve been doing this, but i never saw money coming out of it and i wasn`t interested in monetizing (well.. sometimes lol). it was like an escape for me and i shared lots of emotional and personal stories on here before transitioning into a more fashion-centric platform.

9.14 | i'm not okay

send help !! this pandemic has been taking thee biggest toll on my life, ya`ll. honestly, this was supposed to be my year (i know, we always say that, but i`m forreal). i was happy at work, i moved into my apartment, created an art/sewing studio (the broke lab, haha), saved a bunch of money, and i was going to finally get my passport. yup, this was going to be the year that i travel... like really travel, out of the country travel. i was beyond excited, but now all of those plans are halted.