6.30 | Make Shit Happen

been feeling hella accomplished lately, ya`ll. with all of the crazy shit going on in this world, i`ve been trying to stay focused and disciplined. so far, so damn good. i have surpassed my initial financial goal and am halfway through to reaching my yearly goal. 6 months until i exceed that goal, too! *woot woot* it`s a monumental moment *cues dramatic music* because i can`t believe that i, the broke girl, was able to achieve such a financial feat.

6.23 | how are you?

how are you? this question has always been an important one to ask, but it`s been hitting a lot different lately with everything that`s been going on in the world. strangely, racism isn`t a new experience for me, but dealing with that on top of this pandemic is mentally devastating. i hope that you guys are taking care of yourselves and giving yourselves a media break because it is alot ya`ll.

5.26 | steer

(of a person) guide or control the movement of (a vehicle, vessel, or aircraft),
for example by turning a wheel or operating a rudder.

what does steer mean to you?