9.24 | we met at the met

well, not really... but i wish i had met Rei Kawakubo to just pick her brain, although she isn't much of a talker. i read some of her interviews about her unconventional designs and how she challenged what represented beauty in fashion. i really admire that about her because not once did she ever consider conforming to societal expectations. she remained true to her brand and her vision. the intricacies of her designs are amazing and i respect her craftsmanship, innovation and commitment in an industry where designers believe a bodycon dress will make all women feel beautiful. what makes me feel beautiful is the story behind the garment, the details and construction, etc. that`s why seeing this collection was so important to me because beauty in fashion is more than showing a little skin in an lbd.

i wish that there was a way to get my hands on one of her pieces. i don`t even want to wear it, just want it to hang in my closet.

black had never been used with Kawakubo's severity and insistence - she's used the word 'strength' to describe the color... Kawakubo's challenge to color is one of the most important fashion statements of the late 20th century. it transformed black into a color of fashion, intellectualism and rebellion

the designer has long been alternately hailed as an innovator and demonized for creative aggressively unattractive clothing that is out of step with its time... Kawakubo has been responsible for radical reconsiderations of the silhouette through experimental pattern-making, draping, knotting, and eventually the use of padding

- the broke girl