12.6 | voyez, voguez, voyagez

i went to the Louis Vuitton exhibit: “voyez, voguez, voyagez” with my friend Nardina (of NardinaDeleon) and it was pretty dope, considering i`ve never been the biggest fan of louis vuitton. i actually did an assignment on the brand’s vvv app while studying fashion marketing in grad school, and i learned that the exhibit mirrored the purpose of the app. i have to say, the brand`s history is very interesting and i appreciate the growth and stories behind the brand`s success.

the most interesting thing i learned was the history of the louis vuitton trunk and i want one, so if you love me, thats a hint. lol. i made sure to take a million photos, but I narrowed down the photos that i posted, so that you all can be able to enjoy it yourselves if you make it to see the exhibit.

- the broke girl