1.23 | the reversible shearling

i was so excited to wear this shearling coat that i thrifted last week. i purchased this coat for.... *dramatic drum roll and all that extra stuff*... $12.49! i went all by my lonesome to Unique, a local thrift store, to actually look for some old denim jackets that i can test paint on. i`m clearly easily distracted because i stumbled upon THIS COAT RIGHT HERE.

i couldn`t understand why everyone kept walking past it, but i didn`t complain. it`s mine now. so, i go back to searching for a denim jacket and it was a fail. i give up and try the coat on to see if it`s a good fit for me. it is. then, i discover that it`s reversible. lordt. the other side was just as perfect. my day had been made, so i made my way over to the long ass line that i did not see when i walked in the door. not realizing that it was monday, i get to the register and what do you know... it`s 50% off. no wonder the lines were so long.

i paired my new favorite coat with this flannel top that i found in the men`s department at wal-mart some time ago. i cut it into a crop top cause that fits my style better. lol. if i recall correctly, it was $14. the colors really caught my attention and it reminded me of fall, which is my ultimate favorite season.

my jeans were purchased from ssense and i got them on sale for $69 (they retailed for $345!). i mean, who was going to pass that deal up? not me. they twist at the seam (which is so dope) and i bought them oversized for a boyfriend-jean fit. i also wore them here. my boots are from forever 21 for $32.90. i previously blogged about them here. i`m still excited that i bought these.

lastly, to pull the look together... a pair of sunglasses. i mean, who doesn`t look super chic with a pair of sunnies? my sunnies were the most expensive item of this affordable look, costing $120 on sale at saks off fifth.

this look exemplifies the fact that you do not have to spend thousands or even hundreds on an outfit to look good. a good designer splurge is cool, but i mean, who wouldn`t want to save money on a bomb item? me, hello!

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- the broke girl