2.24 | she deserve that vuitton

today was eerily warm, so you know your girl took advantage. i had a few errands to run since it`s really hard for me to get anything done during the week. working in the city is like having two full-time jobs: my commute and my actual job. it`s a struggle, seriously. i don`t even know how i do it everyday. one thing it does for sure is remind me of how hard i`ve worked to get where i am.

so for christmas this year, i gifted myself with a new bag. now let me tell you guys how i`m not a bag girl. i`m seriously not. i hate carrying them and i never have anything to pack inside of them, leaving me with a partially empty bag. Lol. This is why I find it hilarious that i always seem to purchase a bag and it`s usually big. i just don`t understand myself, lol. first of all, i had absolutely no intentions of buying anything until i went searching for my aunt in the store. you know where i found her? in the designer handbag department. so while there, my eyes wandered and - boom - i saw a bag. it`s funny because i`ve never been a fan of louis vuitton, until i went to the exhibit and learned more about the brand itself. that`s the type of shopper i am: i spend money on brands that have an interesting history; i don`t care for trendy items.

anyway, i saw it and i wanted it. the associate gave me 20% off (which actually did nothing for the price, but whatever lol). when i tell ya`ll my credit card screamed when i swiped it... but it was approved and my christmas was complete.

i wore my new baby today with a simple white tee and this maison margiela layered skirt that i grabbed from beacon`s closet. a white tee is a staple, guys - you can pair it with anything and wear it in any type of weather. i prefer relaxed fit, but all styles of tees are perfect for any of your looks. i promise!

skirt h&m x maison margiela denim zara heels 3.1 phillip lim jacket whistles
- the broke girl