3.3 | it`s a celebration

new chapter, new lessons.

before this day came, there were many days + nights of self-reflection. many thoughts regarding my current situation and how i can prepare myself for a better future. i don`t fear getting older; i fear not utilizing my time wisely and making the most of it. the first few years of my "adult life", i made many mistakes... majority of them being financial mistakes. despite knowing how to build credit, i still dug myself in a deep hole full of debt. i`ve been using alot of my time to rebuild my financial status and not allow it to bring me down.

so far, so good.

i am proud of myself. i have overcome many adversities in my life. i found the strength to keep pushing to be a better version of myself everyday. i took accountability for my own actions, created a corrective action plan for myself and stuck with it. a little treat here or there is nice, but i remained focused on the end goal of financial stability and freedom. is it hard? absolutely. but without struggle, there is no progress. one very important thing i have also done is take time off to focus on myself. it has been so rewarding! i`ve dedicated more time to building my brand, which is something i hold so dear to my heart. i just have so many things that i want to do for myself + others. i`m just excited for everything that is to come.

i celebrated myself with people who bring joy (and sometimes aggravation) to my life. i wore this pretty top that i found online at beacon`s closet for $30. it ties around the neck and around the waist, but i decided to not tie it around my waist. i loved how the loose ties gave the top some character.

... and these jeans! after complaining to my boyfriend about my lack of jeans (which was actually me just being dramatic), he took me to find some. i saw this style on a mannequin in the window of a Guess store and knew i needed to try them on. these really hug your curves but they constrict the booty a little. however, they still give you a curvy silhouette. my thighs were a little too big (believe it or not), but they still fit like a glove and complemented my shape. skinny girls have curves too, ya know.

i added some contrast + texture to this look by wearing my burgundy velvet blazer with beautiful red lining and my favorite red boots.

Top C/Meo Collective Denim J.LO x Guess Blazer Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Boots Forever 21
- the broke girl