7.7 | been a while

i know i`ve been missing in action, but alot has been going on. i`m back working in the city, despite all of my complaints about working in the city. i mean, who doesn`t have a love/hate relationship with new york? it`s fun for a while before it gets costly + exhausting. however, i am in a positive state of being so i will not complain any further!

since i`ve been away, i have created a new budgeting plan for myself that has been seriously paying off... literally. i paid off one of my student loans, a credit card and now, my car is soon to be paid off. hollaaaaa. i won`t lie. i did buy two things, but it was very inexpensive. i purchased a helmut lang top and a pair of black helmut lang heels from previous seasons. if you haven`t noticed, i don`t buy trendy pieces. i buy pieces that fit into my wardrobe + my style aesthetic. i prefer basics, no ostentatious logos or anything flashy.

today, i wore my simple black top that features a comfy cotton tee on one side, and a silk tank on the other. i got this on sale for $35, i think? i`m not really sure, but i know i didn`t pay much for it. it`s actually asymmetric, but it`s tucked into these striped pleated shorts that i bought on sale. by the way, i promise i ironed these shorts, but along my commute, they decided to do their own thing + wrinkle up.

i completed the look with my babies by 3.1 phillip lim. these are really a great statement shoe, seriously. the look of the shoe is very unique and it definitely adds boldness to any look.

Tee Maison margiela Shorts Sandro Heels 3.1 Phillip Lim
- the broke girl