8.29 | #smallvictoriesmatter

i can`t believe that august is over and 2018 is basically over. lol. i`ve been working on my short-term goals list, and i`ve been able to cross two of them off. i`m not celebrating yet, but i am very proud of my small victories. it`s been a long and hard road, but i`ve learned that you really just have to keep at it. yes - very cliche, i know. It sounds so easy, but I know how difficult it is. i live it everyday. you just have to change your mindset. discipline yourself and hold yourself accountable for your actions. you will begin to see the difference that makes.

i discipline myself by going online to shop, adding things i love to my cart and then logging off of the site and closing the browser. i`m able to tell myself, you don`t need it. now, i definitely go back on these sites very often, but i never buy. do ya`ll know how hard that is? how difficult it is to not press 'checkout'? do you know how many items i`ve had to "obsess" over on the real real because i don`t want to overspend? lawd! & the nerve of them to give you 20 minutes to check out: the pressure! i check my app periodically to make sure that my items haven`t sold out yet. some have, but it`s usually the really expensive shit that i can`t afford so it`s alright. lol. actually, i`m about to check on the status of some of my obsessions right now.... (i`m serious). two of the items i really, really wanted have sold. *insert kim k crying meme* well... it`s okay.

what i`m wearing today... i got a deal on this helmut lang maxi skirt i`m wearing: $40. i purchased this months ago, but never wore it (something i`m good for doing, smh). i paired it with my draped taupe top that i wrapped/rolled and pinned to the side. i wore this top backwards so that the criss cross was in the back, revealing lots of skin back there. lol. Not sure how much I paid for this, but it was not full price. to complete the look, my new sneakers that are finally comfortable and my neon yellow bag to add some color to this super neutral look.

btw, i braided these butt length ombre braids by myself. okay,.. my sister helped me. it took me seven-eight hours. this is officially my new favorite protective style.

Top AllSaints skirt helmut lang sneakers rick owens bag balenciaga
- the broke girl