8.9 | opening ceremony + coach

i treated myself.

i know, nothing new. anyway. i went into opening ceremony without wanting anything, i promise. there were many, many things that i ended up seeing and wanting, but for once, i did really well and only purchased one thing. i walked out of the store with this dope men`s tee by a.f. vandevorst. the bright vibrant red stood out to me against the white tee, and the image is just captivating by itself. it costs $135 but ny tax made the final purchase total $145 or something. lol. i hate shopping in ny and this may be my last purchase there because....

i also went into bloomingdale`s and the women`s section was just boring as hell. so i went to peruse the racks in the men`s department and stumbled upon this sweatshirt by coach. i know what you`re thinking, "who the hell buys a full price sweater in the summer?" me... i do, obviously. plus, coach told me not to count them out just yet and I def did not. this sweatshirt is from coach`s collaboration with Disney and is exclusive to Bloomingdale`s. it wasn`t even all that expensive! i will refrain from telling the price because... i just can. lol. the specialist was really cool, though. i complained about NY tax and she gave me a discount, lol.

these will be my last two purchases for a while because ya girl is trying to grind and save her coins. let us pray that I remain disciplined for the remainder of the year!

- the broke girl