12.15 | goal diggin`

let`s talk about accomplishing goals... more specifically, financial goals. i`ve been on this financial journey for a few years, but i became more serious about it once i realized how much debt i was putting myself in. i began to budget myself, track my spending and create a "get out of debt" payment plan for myself. i also cut back on spending. not entirely, clearly, but i am so much better than what i used to be. i am no longer living out of bags in my closet, thank god! i felt overwhelmed with clothes and it was just not a good situation to be in, period. however, it was a constant reminder that i needed to get my shit together.

listen... ya girl has been making amazing progress. last month, i paid off a credit card that had been paid off prior to me using it up again... lol don`t judge me. i also paid my car off! yessss, hallelujah. my car payments, outside of my student loan payments, have been the bane of my existence. i just feel so relieved man. i made my car payment in the beginning of november and i had been saving a great deal of money every week. so two weeks after i made my november payment, i paid it off in full.

now that those two payments are out of the way, i still have some loose ends to tie up. for my remaining debt, i will be creating an up to date *get out of debt* plan due to ridding myself of two accounts. so far, in 2018, i have paid off one student loan, a personal loan, two credit cards and now my car. whew chile... the relief.

okay now for the stuff you probably came here for... outfit details. i had been holding onto this sweater for months. today makes the second time i`ve worn it since i purchased it. well, today i paired it with my new favorite jeans. i think i call every pair my favorite, but these are legit my favorite. i got them on sale at barney`s! i hesitated at first because i knew i didn`t need them, but i found it extremely hard to resist the sale. i paid $132 for them, and they retail for $345. they are actually on sale right now for $95. they are a boyfriend fit with inside out pockets, which is what i absolutely love so much about them. they have a small cuff, which gives the jeans a polished look. i wore my brown spotted boots and my new red hat that i purchased from my job`s sample sale, which i have been wearing everyday. lol.

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- the broke girl