3.8 | how`s it going down?

wow ya`ll. it has been months. i have been going through every motion + emotion that any human could experience. i have been so uninspired to do anything. i am also too real with myself to try and force content, which explains my hiatus and neglecting of such a special + sacred place... my blog lol. i am trying to understand my growth and my place in this world while staying away from societal pressures (damn you, Instagram). as strong as i am, i too fall victim to my own insecurities. i have allowed myself to be discouraged...

i have been in a place of uncertainty, despite feeling like i had it all just a few months ago. i think it`s pretty fascinating how our ups can become downs real quick. it`s like i came to a road block and i had no clue how to get past it.. i just didn`t know what to do with myself. i have been trying to remain productive, so i have been working on my art and encouraging myself to seek out things that have previously inspired me, so that i can find inspiration + motivation again. it has been a super challenging few weeks, but i picked myself up...

i went out for a breath of fresh air.

i just needed to be out in the world to see things, feel things... i was also celebrating another trip around the sun, so yeah... i did not want to keep the negative energy that i had been harvesting.

i have been experimenting with tees for my blog merch, so i wore one of my sample tops. this may actually be one of my favorites. it`s a photo of me (lol) but i think it`s just so cool. i`m not too sure how many others will actually want to wear this top, but hey... i like it lol. i paired this tee with a gold satin midi skirt that i purchased from my job`s sample sale for $10. i am in love with this skirt; it has a pleated, cinched waistline and it is so rich in color. it can definitely be dressed up or down for a quick day to night look. it`s honestly just perfect because this color pretty much goes with everything.

Top bbhm Skirt J. Crew Boots Alexander Wang
- the broke girl