5.21 | elevation

you know why i stress the importance of self-reflection? to continue holding myself accountable and to understand that there are real consequences to my actions + that the situations that i find myself in are my doing. i`ve also always been mindful of what i`ve done in the past because i knew that those actions could rear its head in my future.

i think people lose sight of being accountable for their actions + the consequences that result from those actions. i disappoint myself, but i learn from those disappointments instead of beating myself up about them. every experience has a lesson, both good and bad, that leads to personal growth and elevation. i take every opportunity to search for these lessons so that i can be a better person to myself... and others. it brings me peace.

in the midst of relishing in my own selfishness & putting myself first, i`m also mindful of how my actions will affect others because then i can better understand their behavior towards me. the way you treat others is important to who you are as a person because it definitely is a reflection of your character. i always strive to be a good person. & for those who i am not too fond of, i just protect my energy and my space by keeping my distance. i`m always making sure that i`m giving positivity to the universe. one thing that i`ve always said is: when you think no one is watching, karma is... that same energy that you dish out will come back to you ten-fold.

i always reflect on the type of person i am, both alone and in relationships/friendships. i touched on this before: checking myself about my own toxicity and how i communicate with others. i want to make sure that i`m always the same jasmine, exhibiting the same energy. the mission is to continue elevating, growing, blooming. this level of thinking really helped me to grow in all aspects of my life and has positively affected my relationships, friendships, etc.

hold yourself accountable.

- the broke girl