6.16 | choose happiness

i`ve decided to be happy and it`s not as hard as it sounds. too often, we allow unfortunate situations to consume us, which can lead to self-destruction. the goal is to not self-destruct, but to build ourselves up and overcome those unfortunate situations. once you learned what didn`t work for you, you can make better decisions towards what will work for you.

the saying 'it is what it is' is important to me because i learned to acknowledge and accept what it is, so that i can move past it if it doesn`t make me happy. i`m no longer dwelling on what made me feel sad or upset or discouraged. i acknowledge it and then i move towards what gives me joy and what positively feeds my mind, soul + spirit. & it feels good, ya`ll. find what makes you happy and make it apart of your routine!

we have to stop giving power to things that do not matter, to things that tear us down rather than lift us up. taking back the power leads to happiness and choosing happiness restores your strength. also, it just feels so much better to just be happy, laughing and smiling than walking around with a mean mug. i have no interest in wasting my time or energy being upset and you shouldn`t either.

while i was in a good mood, i created this tee that i`m wearing to spread my money prayer to others. being in a financial struggle is not fun, so i decided to create the moneybag cupid. she shoots people with money bags because i`m sure we could all use a few extra dollars. shop here to grab yours!

i paired this relaxed tee with my navy layered skirt that i purchased from beacon`s closet years ago. it`s from the h&m x margiela collaboration, which is by far the best collaboration h&m has ever done. this is not up for debate! i am still trying to get my hands on some other pieces, including that belt leather jacket, but resellers are definitely killing me with the prices. anyway, i fell in love with this skirt because i love drapes and layers. because we were doing lots of walking this day, i completed the look with my black sneakers and my backpack because the snacks need to be stored in a safe place :)

top bbhm skirt h&m x margiela sneakers rick owens backpack burberry
- the broke girl