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for almost two weeks, my friend jasmine + i were planning to go thrifting at this new place she had learned about. however, due to my bank account not being cooperative with my wants + needs, we had to postpone our thrifting trip. we finally were able to go on saturday and it was so worth the wait.

thrifting has always been a part of my fashion journeysince i was a broke college student trying to look good on a budget. i was always lucky with my finds. some things i found were good for revamping, such as high waist jeans that served me better as high waist distressed shorts instead. some things were perfect the way they were, such as this reversible faux fur shearling i found.

one of my favorite thrifting experiences, besides finding gems, is thrifting online. lol. that is how i found this velvet sleeveless vest, along with a few other items in my wardrobe. as usual, i don`t remember the price but i want to say it was around $30-35? i was drawn to the velvet detail in the front, despite not really feeling the color at first. i thought that it would be a cool layering piece, too, especially during the fall.

well... it`s clearly not fall but i wanted to wear it today since i was getting a real 70`s vibe from my hair. i paired the vest with one of my favorite straight leg jeans (that actually ripped throughout the day). i purchased these from ssense, on sale for $80 from $267 which is a steal. hello! i brightened the look up with my white square toe mules, which have gotten more comfortable this time around. i accessorized with these $8 glasses that i found on ebay :)

the woman at the thrift shop loved my backpack, which i believe i posted about. i explained to her the history of the artist whose work is featured on the backpack and why the piece resonated with me as an artist. i absolutely love this backpack and it was money well spent, if i do say so myself.

stay tuned to see what i bought!

* also, after being distracted by a pair of heels, i forgot to uncuff my pant leg. #kanyeshrug lol.

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- the broke girl