7.18 | thrifted goods.2

upon walking into this charming, little thrift shop, i had no idea what to expect. i loved that it was neat and organized by category and size because that always helps the shopping experience. i hate having to look through things and walk through tight aislesalthough sometimes it can be exciting when you find a treasure in the midst of trash.

i recorded a video showing my things, but i have yet to master recording myself so it was trashed! lol. for now, i`m going to stick to the rivers + the lakes that i`m used to, so please enjoy these photographs.

dolce & gabbana

my friend spotted these first + being the amazing, good person she is, she let me buy them #RealTears. ya`ll, i love these. they are so comfortable, featuring a ~3-3.5 inch heel. i normally don`t go for heels shorter than 4 inches because i need the height, but i could not miss out on these.

i live for the mix of textures on this heel. they mesh so well together, giving the heel a classy yet very chic look. these can easily transition from day-to-night, which is always a plus.
price: $46.95

3.1 phillip lim

i asked myself if i needed another pair of white jeans & i told myself 'yes'. to be honest, i didn`t need white jeans at allbut this side zipper detail got me. then, jasmine convinced me to try them on and the fit was just too perfect to pass on. the black + denim pair are still available here, but unfortunately, the price is not as good.
price: $46.95


these shoes are the reason why my pants were still cuffed. after i checked out, i stepped aside to let my friend check out and then i saw these behind the register. i asked to see them and what do you know? they were my size. smh. i couldn`t resist trying them on because that wooden heel really had me captivated. i really loved the style with the lucite feature, too, so this was such a win for me.
price: $74.95

- the broke girl