7.2 | mo` money

i`m still on a shopping hiatus and not spending has been quite easy. my outlook on the things that i want have changed drastically; not just because i still can`t afford them (lol), but because i would much rather see that money in both my checking + savings account.

i don`t remember if i posted about this, but i almost reached my savings goal in february (very close!). a necessary personal decision played a part in not completely fulfilling it (yet), but i`ll be back at it in no time. knowing that it is very possible, i`m more motivated than ever to get back on track. on my savings journey, i didn`t use any budgeting or organization apps to help me. i know that some people prefer those, but i`m a traditional pen + paper type of girl. i wrote general tips about budgeting + organizational in this post, but after setting a $10k goal, i noticed a shift in my budgeting methods.

being paid weekly gave me the opportunity to save $250+/weekly. in about four months, i saved well over $6000 (in addition to having a healthy checking account), resulting in me having a little over $9000 in my savings. so close to my goal ya`ll. when i tell you how proud i was of myself. over the years, the old me would`ve blown through that money in less than a month. when i was 18, i blew through $6000 in a month. how? i don`t know but i`ve come so far. lol. it may not even seem like a lot, but taking into account what i pay monthly, i have been clapping for myself alot.

/// how i did it ///

as i previously stated in my old post, i wrote down all due dates & balances. i prioritized by basic necessities & high balances. i knocked out smaller bills like my car insurance, phone bill, etc. before plotting out my credit card + student loans. i looked at the balances and divided them by 12 months to see how i could pay it off in less than a year. whatever that equalled to, i divided that number by 4, since i was paid weekly. if this was manageable, i would continue with that pattern or use a different # of months to better fit my financial situation. i focused on paying the lowest bill off first.

after drafting up a payment plan for myself, i`d then decide how much to also save each week. this typically equalled about $200-250, but in some cases, i was able to save more due to how well i was managing my money. my dad always reminded me to have ~3-6 months worth of saving and i`ve dedicated myself to saving like that.


today, my shirt is a message to people who money shame. don`t be an asshole. money shaming is distasteful. everyone has a different financial journey and it`s not always pleasant. let people live + learn on their own terms. finances are such a sensitive topic because people are broke for various reasons, with some being out of their control. either offer advice or assistance, or shut up. thanks :) 

shirt walmart (i think) skirt forever 21 heels maison margiela
- the broke girl