8.21 | melancholy

i`ve been in such a grey mood lately. it`s been a minute since i`ve felt 100% like myself. i place so many [high] expectations on myself without realizing how draining it is. why would i do this? lol. because i think i`m invincible... clearly. learning that i`m not superwoman has been challenging, but being real with myself is what i`m about. i`m also learning + understanding that it is okay to be sad. i`m not going to be guilty about not being strong all the time. shit, i be sad, sometimes!

for too long, i`ve dealt with situations that drained me or negatively affected me. i am learning that it is okay to leave those situations behind. i am not obligated to stay in a situation where i am unhappy because i think that i may regret it later, which is normally what people do in relationships, friendships and work. my family has made a joke about how easy it is for me to move on, but it`s important for people to know that it`s fine to move on if they`re not happy, growing, learning, benefitting. if the situation you`re in isn`t helping you become a better version of yourself, and it`s having adverse effects on your growth... leave. you don`t have to be impulsive like me, but please, do what is best for  the betterment of your physical, mental and emotional being. i wish people realized this before it was too late. i`ve always been the over-dedicated, hardworking person... but it has always come with a cost. always. many of the times, my passion & dedication to others is never reciprocated so it leaves me feeling unappreciated and overworked for nothing. with that said, i told myself i`m doing things to make myself happy and staying away from things that kill my joy. i`m #reclaimingmytime.

keeping my grey mood consistent, i wore this pretty grey top that i`ve owned for over a year but never wore. i purchased this Helmut Lang top for $35 from therealreal. i loved the drapes, soft grey color and the sleeve design so buying this shirt was a no brainer. the top is viscose, so although it feels a bit thick, it`s really breathable & fine to wear during the summer months.

helmut lang has been one of my favorite designers since i started shopping high end luxury brands. i love the simplicity of his garments and how they give me  casual sex appeal—i can feel like a tomboy & a bad bish simultaneously (a bad ex: here)

i wore my 6397 twisted seam jeans with this top. although my thighs have thickened over time (haha), making these jeans a bit snug, they still sag & give me diaper booty. #KanyeFacePalm. i still love the fit of them and how they fold over my boots, though. i mean, do you see the perfection?!

top helmut lang jeans 6397 boots forever 21
- the broke girl