9.24 | discovery in burberry

when we`re young, we`re often asked about our dream jobs. "what do you want to be when you grow up?" i had so many answers to this question; i have never wanted to shrink myself or limit myself to just one dream. i remember saying i wanted to be a rapper, singer, fan-fic author, fashion designer (particularly wedding dresses), business woman (opening recreation centers in my hometown), and the list goes on... lol. i am a fluid person, constantly changing, and i love discovering new things about myself: new talents, new interests, new dislikes. the journey of self-discovery is so important and beautiful.

i`ve been re-discovering what art means to me and how it`s helped me during the most trying times of my life. people usually only see art for what is on the surface. they can`t always see what`s behind the paint strokes, the ideas + concepts, the choice of colors. with my art, i`m able to figure out how i feel about certain things at the moment. i`m able to be political. i`m able to share an important message about self-love and self-care. all without people actually knowing. most importantly:

sometimes, there are no "deep" messages at all in my art. just me, my feelings + emotions creating something for the moment to make me feel better.

i`ve been job hunting for a while and my art has kept me in good spirits when i just wanted to ball up and lay in bed forever. alot of my paintings were completed during a stressful time, a painful time. people would never know because my art doesn`t reflect pain, or devastation. that`s intentional. i paint to show the positivity and happiness that i`m searching for. so when i`m down, i just glance over at what these hands made + i`m instantly in a better mood. it`s like, wow, you did that. keep going.

as an artist, i often vacillate between working a 9-to-5 or focusing on art full-time... and i realize that it is okay that i want to do both. the antiquated idea that people should give up working full-time to be business owners is unrealistic for many because some people enjoy working and contributing to a company; some people need/want the income from their full-time to financially support their business; hell, some people just don`t want to start their own business. we have to learn what works for us and go with that.

i used that last piece of advice when selecting my look today: finding what works for me and going with it. i`d grown to hate everything in my closet, but i can`t afford anything new right now. i decided to go for this semi-full burberry look. i had always been in love with the burberry tartan. to me, it`s so timeless and fitting for any style. it`s been known to be the go-to for the "baby daddy baby shower" look, but it also pairs well with an elegant pair of tailored slacks and pumps. my boyfriend bought the shirt for me and i chose to wear it with a red burberry kilt skirt that i purchased on sale. it was 40% off and i received my employee discount. i do not remember the actual purchase price, sorry! just know that it wasn`t full price. lol.

top + skirt burberry sneakers rick owens
- the broke girl