11.17 | the broke report

i`m a youtuber ya`ll. you can find me at the broke report <-- clickable. i decided to finally set up my camera + give myself some screen time. sometimes it`s easier to say than to write because it gives people that personal interaction with the person behind the words. it`s taking me a while to adjust because 1. i am super awkward when speaking into the camera, 2. my speaking voice + i are not the best of friends and 3. it`s me giving more people more access to me.

however, this is how people learn + grow, by sharing + hearing others' experiences.if i`m being completely honest, i learned alot by literally watching others on youtube lol so this is also me trying to play my part in giving my little pieces of knowledge for someone who may be seeking it. i`m just sharing some stuff that people have either asked me about or what i think is interesting. it`s also the very real side of me: the goofy, sailor mouth jasmine. lol.

because i work six days a week now (yikes, i know), i very rarely have time to record so please bare with me. so far, i`ve been able to record 5 videos, 4 of which have been posted. i`m still editing the fifth video, and yes i am super slow because i`m new to using final cut pro. everything just seems to take so much time!

anyway. i hope to be able to record more, share more and connect more with others who relate to what i`m going through and have been through.

- the broke girl