2.21 | movin` on up

lots of great things happening lately, ya`ll. i had to stop questioning myself and just continue to work on me + work towards the things that i see for myself. i am very good at saying what i want to do, but i truly lack execution. i just get so overwhelmed with my own thoughts and eventually, i just give up on pushing towards what i want. however, all of that is changing and it`s paying off for me!

people often speak about the power of words and manifesting your destiny. i briefly spoke about the reactions i get from others when i say "i`m broke" and they completely disregard the context and my situation. i simply acknowledge my reality and have a whole explanation as to why claiming that is important to my journey. people hear "broke" and tell me "don`t say that" without ever asking me to elaborate on what i mean when i say it. people tend to assume what they want based off of how i look, dress, etc. which completely takes away from my progress on my journey. it`s almost as if they`re telling me i can`t be broke and happy; or i can`t be broke and look good. hmph, says who?! i`ve learned to detach the negativity and transfer what it means to something totally positive. no matter how many times i have said i was broke, i have always managed to get what i want + need. there is nothing wrong with saying you`re broke if you`re broke. you can work hard and work towards where you want to be in life. saying and acknowledging that you are indeed broke does not stop you from achieving anything. i am a true testament to that and that`s always been my story. & i always want to communicate that story in the things that i do because it is very real and more relatable than people think. as i`ve also said before, i also say i`m broke because i like to keep myself grounded and appreciate where i am... where i`ve been, so i can be truly thankful for what`s to come and where i`m going. hello!

a few ways i`m moving on up:

1. i`ve been talking about having a broke girl pop-up shop for-ev-er, but couldn`t decide the location, decor, budget, etc. i wanted to have one for my birthday last year, then some time over the summer, then for my birthday this year. needless to say, it didn`t happen. lol. however, i received a call the other day about a fashion event looking for vendors & voila, my pop-up shop is born! lol. i`m going to use that opportunity to leverage more opportunities (like i should have done with my powerhouse experience). anyway, i`m excited and i`ve been thinking of how to make my space like a boutique for the low. it`s not a true pop-up, but i wanted to use it as a tester; i want to incorporate some of the same elements of my pop-up to give it the same feel. i think that will help prepare me for the real deal.

2. i secured the job that i never knew i wanted with a salary i never thought i`d ever get. when i started working in luxury retail, i knew that i was extremely interested in product knowledge, garment construction, and fabric. that`s where my passion in product development began, leading me to land a job working with fabric in its final stage of development (approving bulk fabric before going into production). that was really cool, having the job of stamping the fabric with my final approval. the best part was going into the store to see the final product and how it all came together! i recall walking around the stores shouting out the names all of the prints that used to stress me out at work lol; remembering all of the call outs, all of the lots that piled up at my desk, etc. ahh, fun times.

now, with all of my experience, i am working with raw materials from inception, which is a whole new world for me. i really enjoy learning/seeing how these ideas form and how the cross functional partners collaborate to create the final product. everything is such an intense, intricate process and it`s so dope to be apart of that. i`m truly thankful to have found a career that i love and it has been soooo rewarding thus far. it has also motivated me to attend a few classes (i know, more school lmao), but this piqued my interest and i have to learn more.

3. ya`ll. i`ve gotten so much debt down! *pats self on back* ya`ll know how i feel about my debt. i mean, who isn`t stressing over their debt right now? lol. by the end of the year, i plan to have majority of my balances close to or at $0 (except my student loans cause good lordt!) i want to start 2021 with a clean slate! also, i need that 800 credit score *birdman hand rub*.

4. my savings accounts are steadily growing. after my little hiccup (blowing money i didn`t have on some shoes), i`m actually doing pretty well. i guess i am more disciplined than i thought, huh? my budgeting and savings plans have changed in a good way (thankfully!), so although i don`t have as much stress as i had before, i`m going to maintain that same level of discipline and keep doing what i`ve been doing. i keep my budget book with me at all times and i update whenever i make a payment (because sometimes i make random payments) or to jot down notes about balances, etc. i think i`ll be pretty okay this year. i got this!

i guess the weather wanted to match my mood because it`s been pretty beautiful outside. i chose to wear my "i bought these cause i was stressed and couldn`t sleep" sneakers, lol. i paired them with a hoodie that my boyfriend kinda gave to me and a pair of 7 jeans that were gifted to me. don`t we love gifts? i also wore my telfar bag, which was also a gift... from me to me. LOL. basically this whole look was gifted, okay! LOL. it was a little chilly, so i threw on my favorite leather of all time to complete the look.

Hoodie Boyfriends Closet Jeans 7 for all mankind Sneakers Nike Leather Jacket Maje Sneakers Nike
- the broke girl