3.3 | she say she a Pisces...

happy birthday to me, ya`ll! man, this day came faster than expected, but it`s here. all i can say is that i`m so very grateful to have made it to this day + i look forward to what`s to come. ya`ll know i love my self-reflecting + i have to say, today`s self-reflection just made me feel so damn good about myself. i just realized that everything i`ve worked hard for is happening. i have balance, stability + life is all good. of course, we are always working to be better but this ship is sailing so smooth that i have no complaints.

i spent my actual birthday at work + received lovely treats, flowers + gift cards (that i have already burned through! LOL). listen, it may seem small but my little eyes swell up with tears a little. lol. ya`ll know i`m a crybaby.

this past weekend, i went to dinner with my fam + stuff. i`m a simple girl, so i didn`t really plan to do anything except chill + eat. lol. i was also extremely surprised that it was beautiful weather - a little chilly - but beautiful. that also brought a smile to my face. see, it`s the simple things :)

for my night out, i decided to break in my tabi boots. i have to admit, i initially did not like the fit. i thought they would be sturdier, but after prancing around my room in them, i decided that it works. lol. i paired my boots with faux snakeskin trousers (which are super itchy) that i purchased last year and never wore. i actually did not want these lol. i only bought them because i had a last minute interview and it was the closest thing to professional attire. i wore them with my "broke" crewneck and my full-length (faux?) fur hooded coat.

sweater bbhm coat thrifted pants zara boots margiela bag telfar
- the broke girl