6.23 | how are you?

how are you? this question has always been an important one to ask, but it`s been hitting a lot different lately with everything that`s been going on in the world. strangely, racism isn`t a new experience for me, but dealing with that on top of this pandemic is mentally devastating. i hope that you guys are taking care of yourselves and giving yourselves a media break because it is alot ya`ll.

to fit my mood, i chose to wear this tee that i purchased from primetime vintage. it was really big, so i just cut the bottom off and made it a crop... because why not? i vlogged about this purchase here, so if you don`t feel like reading, you can watch me talk about it lol.

the tee features the most famous quote by forrest gump: "life is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you`re gonna get". life has always been unpredictable, and today, uncertainty is definitely showing its ass! so this shirt was just the perfect choice for today`s look.

i paired the tee with a pair of these off-white cropped, straight-leg jeans (wow, that was a mouthful) that i purchased last year. i had never worn them prior to today and i should have been mindful of the sizing because these are a size 0. i am not a size 0 anymore (whew!), but i still squeezed my thighs + booty up in them. a few booty squeezes + jumps and i was ready to go. well, my button wasn`t ready because it popped, but it made for a good photo! lol. anyway, the jeans are accented with two functional zippers on the left side that extends from the hips to the hem. super sexy. to give myself some edge, i unzipped the pant leg up to my thigh.. giving peek-a-boo vibes.  the waistline is jagged and features off-center darting, which elevates the look from your regular degular denim.

i got these for a good price and you can read all about that here! + because i`m not a selfish girl and i share the deets with you, i`ll list a few more places where you can find these jeans in blue and black! not sure if you want to pay these prices, but here are a few credible sites: 1, 2, 3. lyst and poshmark also have them available!

for some reason, i loved how my nike shox looked with this. it just brought it all together for me. no real "fashion" reasonjust something i like, which is the most important when getting dressed. i accessorized with my cheap, clear frames glasses, my medium Telfar bag and my afro.

top thrifted jeans 3.1 phillip lim (also thrifted) sneakers nike bag telfar glasses ebay
- the broke girl